Designed and Sewn in Nairobi

We’re working help revive an industry that has fallen due to cheap imports and fast Fashion. As #HouseOfMH, our goal is not to only give you pieces we love and line in, but to create sustainably-sewn quality clothing.

After visiting many dying factories, we’ve gone on a mission to try to do our part in reviving that including pushing more local business.

✨ How We’re Sustainable so far ✨

◦ Our packaging is Plastic-free and minimalist.
◦ ALL our Clothes are made locally. We also manage to use materials that have been locally sourced
◦ We make to order which means no fabric is wasted.
◦ We pay our workers a fair, living wage and ensure they work reasonable hours as well as under safe conditions.
◦ We never use child or forced labour.

As a young brand, we feel it’s important to grow while remaining ethical.

We hope to be an example to other young brands out there that growth and impact are possible together.

Lots of love,
M&H xxx

Our Collection

A curated, sustainably-sewn wardrobe of things we love & live in. We hope you find a piece of yourself here too. Made in Kenya
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